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English, Chinese, and Japanese version Japan Real Estate Transaction Know-How Collection

We, SOZONEXT Co., Ltd. have developed a multi-language version of the “Knowledge DB System for Japanese Real Estate Transactions” in cooperation with expert in the fields of real estate trading, such as sales and purchase, brokerage, investment, auctions by court, and property management in Japan. Initially, the collection contains 3,000 items: 1,000 items in English, 1,000 items in Chinese, and 1,000 items in Japanese. We plan to add additional support for other languages as we add new and various real estate transaction knowledges.

Japanese real estate transactions, which are increasingly conducted internationally, are often perceived as “opaque,” “suspicious,” or “deceptive” both in Japan and abroad. In addition, there are few real estate companies and websites that can provide proactive support in multiple languages from pre-purchase/investment to asset management in order to ensure safe and secure real estate transactions in Japan from overseas.

We would like to contribute to the solution of the above problems by publishing, in multiple languages, answers to many of the questions that real estate professionals have actually been asked, as well as answers to items that the general public may have questions about, in as concise a manner as possible.

Achieving what is difficult for Internet search service provider websites

Most users of Internet search engine websites tend to refer to the information in the top search results, but that information is not always appropriate. There is a possibility that outdated articles based on old laws and regulations may appear in the top search results. In addition, it is not easy for Japanese people who are not familiar with real estate transactions to quickly obtain the answers they seek from a large number of websites. Furthermore, it is quite difficult for non-Japanese nationals who are not familiar with the Japanese language to obtain the necessary information in a timely manner.

Providing a lot of practical knowledges that are not readily available to the public

Portal sites for purchasing and investing in Japanese real estate provide glossaries of terms related to Japanese real estate mainly in Japanese. However, in order to purchase and invest in real estate safely and securely, it is not only important to know the meanings of the terms, but also to know how to deal with various problems that occur in actual situations. Such practical know-how is possessed by those who are busy with their daily work, but there are few companies that publish a lot of this valuable practical know-how in multiple languages.

In addition, there are very few companies that provide information in multiple languages other than Japanese on real estate transaction knowledge that differs greatly from other countries, such as real estate auctions conducted by Japanese courts, as well as knowledge on renting vacation home properties that are popular overseas. We published the various knowledges of vacation homes, such as 125 factors and examples that can negatively affect online reviews from users of vacation rentals.

Passing on safe and secure real estate transaction knowledge to the next generation

We will continue to contribute to the next generation’s safe and secure real estate transactions in Japan by creating and releasing a large number of digital data on Japanese real estate transaction knowledge that is hardly disclosed to the public.

Chief Editor : KEN NAKASHIMA

  • Real Estate Arbitration Agency (Minister of Justice Authenticated Alternative Dispute Resolution Organization) Registered Mediator
  • Licensed Real Estate Broker in California, United States
  • Licensed Real Estate Transaction Agent in Japan
  • Real Estate Auction Distribution Association Certified Auction Property Manager
  • Investment Diagnosis Association Certified Investment Diagnostician
  • Graduated from Iwate University’s Dept. of Education (Bachelor of Education; Obtained Math Teacher License) and Keio University School of Law (Distance Learning Programs; Bachelor of Laws). 
  • His motto is “Neighbor Love.”

He was one of the panelists at the “Building Management Summit 2017 in Tokyo.” The building that he is responsible for operating and managing, won the “1st place in Japan in the Building Management Award 2018″as a result of a vote sponsored by the Building Management Research Institute.

He has been interviewed by the media on topics such as “The Globalizing Real Estate Industry,” “The Impact of Negative Interest Rate Policy on Real Estate Investment,” and “Trends in Real Estate Investment by Chinese Investors. At the time of the launch of a well-known e-commerce store in Japan, he was directly outsourced by the company operating the business to develop the e-commerce system in collaboration with excellent engineers. With his many years of experience in both real estate and IT engineering, he has also contributed articles on “the potential impact of virtual currency on the real estate industry and the challenges it faces” and “real estate tech strategies for the real estate industry.

His expertise is in real estate, mathematics and law. While at Keio University, he studied not only Japanese law, but also non-Japanese law and policy, including the U.S. Constitution, Anglo-American law, international law, Chinese politics, and Russian politics. He also studied the excessive dependence of human knowledge and business on information displayed at the top of Internet search results, and wrote his graduation thesis on the theme of “Internet search operators’ ‘censorship’ and freedom of expression” from the perspective of the constitutions of three countries (Japan, the United States, and Germany).

After serving as an advisor to a certified venture company from Tokyo Institute of Technology (specializing in artificial intelligence), he has been conducting research and development on future real estate utilization and urban development, including a new real estate service (Real Estate as a Service, RaaS) that combines the operation and management of various parking lots and commercial facilities utilizing artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies.